Can I find out the composition of a man made genus?

Information about Natural genera and man-made intergenerics is available in the 'Change Breeding Group' part of Wildcatt. There are several ways to access this information.

  1. If you are simply curious about the composition of one particular genus, position your cursor in the search field at the bottom of the screen an scroll to the appropriate part of the genus list. If you position the mouse pointer over any name in the list, it's composition will appear in the message bar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. You can generate a listing of all genera and their compositions by choosing the 'List all Genera and their compositions' button at the right of the screen.
  3. You can also get a listing of all genera containing a particular natural genus by finding that genus in the list and selecting it. The 'List Intergenerics involving this Genus' button will be enabled. Clicking it will generate the list.

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